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Some recommendations for the bride and groom from the top London photographer
When you look at the portfolio of a potential wedding photographer, you should pay attention to some points that are easily noticed by a professional or a person who has experience within the wedding sphere. You want to get a beautiful finished product to look back on after your wedding.

Similar to art, like and dislike are very subjective moments in wedding photography. Everyone all have different tastes, but there is a psychological component to any photo that pulls your perception to “Wow, I like it!” or "this is a really amazing shot".

What are the criteria to choose your wedding photographer?

Balance of different pictures of different angles

Pay attention to the diversity within the shots in the photographer's portfolio.
By distance: shots taken close, far, small, large. This indicates that the photographer owns an array of equipment, not one boring lens, but there are variations of creative wide and tele lenses to enable the photographer to capture different kinds of shots.

According to the scenes and plots shown

A portfolio is a set of the best shots of a photographer, this is their choice and presentation of their work in the best possible way. If you see a series of boring, uninteresting shots there, if there are a lot of shots the meaning of which is incomprehensible to you... then ask the question - Have you found the right photographer?

If everything is in balance, if super macro, great portraits, atmospheric locations and shots with a lot of air around, all this creates a wonderful harmony, it is pleasing to your eye and helps you plunge into the atmosphere of the wedding.

By framing

Or true framing or extra colour spots. Pay attention to how the photos are cropped, does it look natural or does the framing of the shot make something look strange and out of place?

Working with the model

Pay attention to the portrait shots from the walk and the variations with the subjects when working alongside the couple one on one. The skill to lead the couple and correct pose making it look natural is not for every photographer. A really skilled photographer who knows how to inspire natural moments and can capture them in a way which is effortless and elegant.

Working with colour

Pay attention to the skin colour of the models in daylight. This skintone is affected by the photographer's camera and the light type of light present in any given scene/location. Are the photos tinted or do they contain natural colours? Do you like it?
Pay attention to colour when shooting a reportage. Sometimes distracting glare interferes with the perception of the photo. Are they present in the photo or are they all harmonious in colour?
There is a whole science - the psychology of colour. Professional designers and photographers should be aware of the basic principles behind colour psychology and should actively use it to enhance their work.

Working with light

How will the light be when we take these shots? Will it be bright, dark, low, high? How will the light interact with this scene and this shot? How to do everything on a fast-flying wedding day? A photographer needs to keep track of so many things at the same time - both the emotions and the background, what is actually happening with the couple and guests and the technicalities of taking the best shots possible.
One of the most important components of photography is light.
Awareness in creating a frame shows the professionalism of the photographer.
Would you like a more detailed post about working with light and how to understand it?


Creativity can be artificially created and seen, or, it can be caught just at the right moment. It's great to see a portfolio containing creative shots, prompting you to ask the question “How did they catch a moment like that?”

Emotional component

There is no wedding without touching emotional moments? Or unexpected actions of the guests?
Catching the right moment and be one step ahead, anticipating events, being attentive to details and what is happening during the celebration - this is the skill of a photographer.
I wish you good luck finding your wedding photographer!